Mariela Fernandez

Wedding Planner Consultant & Graphic Artist Designer

Mariela Fernández is an organized and professional young creative who believes in dreams and who works tirelessly towards achieving them. She is a very joyful, empathic, and simple person. The best thing about planning for her is, the satisfaction that you get by knowing you made a special day for someone. As a wedding planning consultant she is present throughout the production process, wedding day details and works hand in hand with Krizia and, the bride and groom on the special day. As the graphic designer of the firm she in charge of making content for social media at the firm.

Susana González

Executive Manager

With her focus on everything turning out perfectly and well-organized, Susana has done wonders since joining our team two and half years ago. She plays a major role in all of our events, be them social or corporate; however, she brings a particular attention into our corporate activities. Apart from following up on all events constantly, she’s always there on the day of the event, keeping everything in order, carrying out plans that were prepared months beforehand to precision, and last but not least, giving our whole team a welcome boost of enthusiasm with her characteristic energy and charm.