Why branding is so vital, our story

We are very excited to finally see all of our sacrifices and hard work pay off. As you know we not only coordinate and design events, we go that extra mile to make dreams into reality and have them exceed expectations. Because of this, we wanted, no, we needed to have our branding describe us. This need is what gave way to this project. We went to many seminars, workshops, and webinars, but we finally saw "the big picture" after a workshop with Sparkle and Bliss, we thank them because after the workshop they helped, and played a major role on this project. We want everyone to see our image, our vision, OUR STYLE! How could we do it? - We asked ourselves that question time and time again. From the best color palette, lettering, formatting, design. We asked ourselves - "what is it that describes us? What is our style? What is our focus? How will we do this?"

This is when the designing started, we began to find and polish our own style, you have no idea how many times we made changes, and it seemed never ending!! We wanted perfection!! After all, it was going to be our calling card! This is the same commitment we have with all of our events and clients!! It took about nine months of hard work, it truly had been years, and a lot of sleepless nights with our minds consumed with this project and finding that perfect balance between personality and style. We had a lot of ideas; this made things harder since we had to focus on finding who we want to be and what type of clients we wanted. Our style is mainly elegance and luxury with a dash of modern, PERFECTION and DETAIL, yes we strive for perfection. We look at the events at a personal level, we make it our own. It has to be perfect! It is OUR big day! We are so honored when a client walks into a room and is taken back in awe and the only thing they say is "WOW!!" - That is extremely gratifying.

The Antiguo Casino in Old San Juan is our venue of choice; you can feel and sense the elegance in every marble covered corner. Without a doubt this is our style! From the cups, silverware, table tops... oh yes, definitely us, and of course the beautiful Peonies, Phanelopsis, Ranunculus have to be part of the table settings!

A company's image and branding are extremely important. It is one of the most important aspects of a business; it is after all your voice. Think big, look at the "big picture" and set your standards accordingly, do not settle for less than perfect results, stay focused, and work at it until you achieve your goals. Define who you are, who your company is, who you want your customers to be, also work with deadlines, set goals, and keep focused on reaching those goals at the set dates

If you realize that the deadlines are impossible to meet, extend it, but always put a date on it so you have a personal commitment. Your brand is your calling card. Remember that the first impression is the one that counts and you want to always start on the right foot. If that means you have to take a bit longer, go ahead, but make it count!

Here are 5 things to focus on when branding

  • 1. Define your brand - Think of your brand as if it where a person
  • 2. Determine who is your clientele - For this you have to be clear in your brand.
  • 3. Be honest and true to your brand - Clients will not return to you if you can't deliver on your promises, be clear of the fact that it is your company, and maintain the brand values.
  • 4. Have a strategy - know your market, continue learning all you can on your field. Knowledge is power.
  • 5. Be UNIQUE - Do not copy someone else's image, look for an identity you are comfortable with.

Special and lovely thanks to my great vendor team!