3 Big Mistake Brides Do

It’s very common to feel completely stressed & overwhelmed when you’re a bride and more intense when you don’t have any idea where to go or how to start your dream wedding. The one you've dream since a little child. When you feel lost and you do not have a clear idea in when or how to start your wedding process, you start taking bad decisions, you start listening to every person's advice, of course you know nothing, there is when “Aunt Monique” convince you that she is an expert and you ended up choosing her to organize your wedding.

Mistake #1

Accept the guidance and work from a NON Professional family member

Very often for trying to save some money, the aunt, the sister, mom even your bridesmaid play a decor or event planner role. It‘s a huge mistake to give one of the most important days of your life to a NON Professional person. Trust me; we’ve seen it all, at the end of the day it does not worth the money you saved. A professional knows where to buy or rent everything at the expected quality, also have enough knowledge due to his field EXPERIENCES. A lot more that your aunt or your bridesmaid knows!

Mistake # 2

Wait till the RSVP to start signing the contracts

This is a mistake that many brides fall in. I know that you can feel a little bit worried about signing a contract for 120 guests and lose money because you ended up with 100 guests. There is nothing to worry about; you will not lose that money! You can provide the final guest number to your vendors one month before the event and the vendor will adjust the final price depending in your new guest number. It is very important to sign your contract with enough time to assure that preferred vendor in your dream wedding.

Mistake #3

Change the timeline the week of the wedding

Uuuf!!! We’ve seen this so often! I know you want everything to be perfect! When we send the timeline to our brides, we give them a week to revise it and approve. Once our brides approve the timeline, we send and discuss it with all the vendors. Don’t put in jeopardy all that process and time you have invested in your wedding introducing opportunities for error with those minor changes. Trust me! Those changes can ruin the logistic of the wedding. Trusts the professionals that are creating your dream wedding and enjoy the moment!!!