Invited to a wedding? Things you must know!

Planning a wedding may be stressful, let’s be honest is not an easy task to do. It’s even more difficult, when you don’t have a professional guidance to direct you thru the process. Imagine when you have to RSVP and your guests just don’t answer! Yeap that may cause another headache! So this article was made focusing on the guest! Let the bride and groom enjoy more this process! ;)

Guest: Here are 5 things you should know!


It is very important that if you are invited to a wedding, please RSVP by the specified date. This will help the wedding coordinator to know exactly how many guests will assist to the wedding. This is very important to calculate and modify the contracts before the wedding day. Those numbers are used for the wedding caterer and drinks calculation; they are also used for the wedding venue sitting arrangement. The number of people who RSVP will be used for the wedding cake size too, so, being said this… Do your reservation on time to help the bride & groom and the wedding coordinator better organize the wedding.

Number of extra guest allowed

If the invitation says 2, that’s mean that you can bring only a plus one. If you are planning to bring an extra guest than what is specified in the invitation, let the coordinator know before the wedding day. They can let you know if it is possible or not and will adjust the wedding guests number.

Dress Code

Very common in the invitation you will see the dress code specification, the following is a guide of what to wear:

White Tie (This is the most formal dress code)

  • Male – Tuxedo, long black jacket with tail. Black formal shoes.
  • Female – A beautiful long ball gown in neutral or dark color, beautiful makeup and glamorous jewelry.

Black Tie

  • Male – Tuxedo, a black bow tie. Black shoes.
  • Female – Chic long dress in neutral or dark color.


  • Male – Tuxedo or formal suit and tie.
  • Female – Long dress/ a elegant dress below the knees is acceptable


  • Male – Dark suit.
  • Female – Short dress, as short, above the knee


  • Male – Jeans, dress pants, shirt or polo.
  • Female – Short casual dress, pants with beautiful blouse.

With this explained, is expected that the guest follow the dress code specifications.



If you are allergic to a specific food or vegetarian please advise it with enough time. The wedding coordinator will make the proper arrangements to have suitable food for you before the wedding day.




The groom and the bride spent a lot of time in their wedding, they invited you because they wanted you to be part of their happiness!!! So… enjoy the wedding and celebrate with them their most important day!