4 easy steps that will help you select the right color palette for your wedding

The engagement has being made just a few hours ago. After that, a lot of ideas come to your mind within seconds! Am I describing you? Yeap I’m pretty sure! Including the hundreds of ideas coming from your friends, but is so exciting!... and suddenly you ask yourself, where am I supposed to start? One of the first questions is: Which will be the colors of my wedding? How you are going to express your ideas, vision, combinations thru your colors and wedding décor?

Here are 4 easy steps that will guide you to select your wedding palette colors

1. Vision board – Creating a vision board will help you put all your ideas together.


2. Go to a Paint Store – The best place to go! There you will have tons of color in front of you that will help you visualize all the color combinations that you have in your mind.

3. Do a brainstorm – Do a small brainstorming session with your best friends or close family, the ones that know you more and know what you like! That will help you having an idea of what color to choose.

4. Choose what makes you happy – You will receive tons of opinions regarding your wedding colors, but at the end of the day select the colors that make you happy!

Where to start? Here’s a helpful recommendation

As per Pantone, the world's premiere color standards company and color authority. Every year a group of specialist in fashion, graphic arts among many others select a color for each year, this color can be used in fashion, interior design, graphic arts & events, like weddings! With that said, this year color is not just one, but two: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

Start searching the tone you feel comfortable but at the same time give that boost of elegance to your wedding.