It’s summer! But wait, don’t let your skin suffer!

We live in the Caribbean, where it is summer all year long. Going to the beach is part of who we are, among many other outdoor activities. But even in this tropical Island you can feel the difference between the winter sunbeam and the rays of sunshine summer offers. Living in the Caribbean and experiencing nature is one of the most gratifying things you can be a part of, but with all this adventure comes responsibility. If you are getting married in the summer, near the season,  or in the Caribbean, follow these recommendations so you can look fabulous on  your wedding day!

    **Remember to always wear sunscreen! Your face sunscreen must be different from  
              the sunscreen you apply on your body. Also, always use your toner & moisturizing balm  
              daily. Even if you are not going to the beach these should be in your essentials bag.

    **Drink as many water as you can. We know that the correct amount of daily glasses
             of  water is eight, this can be kind of difficult, but you can do it! If you do not like the
             taste  of water, get a little adventurous and add fruit to it. It will taste better and it will feel
             like an instant vacation.

     **Rest & eat well: Your body is God’s best creation and it reflects how you take care of  
               it. You should look and feel amazing on your wedding day and here are some tips to  
               make it happen:
         -Go to a spa at least 4 months prior to your wedding.

        -Visit your favorite spa monthly and pamper your body. You will feel hydrated, calm and revived. While looking effortlessly flawless on your big day!

        -Avoid going to the beach prior to the wedding. It can be tempting but this will definitely help your skin. Remember even if you are not actually on the beach you should still be conscious about your skin necessities and be strict about taking care of it. Also, if you have a sunburn it will be extremely noticeable in your wedding dress. Let’s save the beach days for the honeymoon!

We surely know you will look amazing and your skin will be perfect. Enjoy your summer with these suggestions for your wedding day!