Thank You

It’s a family day, where you give thanks for all those things that really matters. You celebrate your achievements and goals, and your family and friend’s too, no matter how small they are. Thanksgiving day, is a day to focus in evaluating ourselves to be better as a person and take constructive criticism to be able to make a difference in our lives, because that is what makes us bigger, humble and most of all human.

If you have the opportunity to give and help someone with, food, money, clothes or just a piece of advice from your heart, take it! I assure you that you will feel happiness in your heart. From Krizia Díaz Event Planner & Designer, we want to give thanks to all of those who had given us unconditional support and continues to.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family and friends!

With love, Krizia Díaz & our excellent work team